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Covid-19: The Importance of Facility Maintenance During a Crisis

It feels as if there are many differing views when it comes to Covid-19. Some believe that it is the virus that will devastate us all and will be showing its ugly face for a while. Others believe that it is basically just like the flu – but a little worse. There are also those that are stuck in between, not really knowing which view to believe. One thing is for sure – Covid-19 is affecting us all and it is incredibly hard to plan for the “unknown”.

This is a time when many companies are hurting, and some are thriving. Many people are losing their jobs or getting their hours cut, others are “business as usual” – just at home, and some are putting in longer hours working overtime or having to pick up more shifts.

My Mother always told me to, “Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best”. I feel like that has always been a great quote, but we are now all actually living that quote. When it comes to facility maintenance – preparing for the worst is a must!

As we begin to resume normalcy in our businesses and work environments, having a proper maintenance plan will, hopefully, prevent your facility from being compromised by Covid-19. Employee safety should be a top priority for any company. Right now, that safety concern is health. Putting ordinances into place (i.e. requiring face masks and social distancing) will help, but you need to have a proper reoccurring cleaning schedule. Brite Solutions truly recommends that companies start utilizing the full potential of their custodial companies. Disinfectant spraying (electrostatic spraying, fogging, etc.), deep disinfectant cleaning (using products recommended by the CDC), and consistent professional cleaning is a crucial necessity!

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