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High-Quality Commercial Property Landscaping

We don’t beat around the bush when it comes to helping you maintain the appearance of your business. From keeping grass green to healthier bushes and trees, we can maintain your property. When you need a straightforward solution to your landscaping needs, we are here to make it happen.

Our services include landscape management maintenance programs for lawn and landscape, giving your outdoor spaces and healthy lawn our full service package.

Experienced Commercial Landscape Management

Commercial landscape management can make a lasting impression on anyone who comes through your establishment, whether it is a good or bad impression. Professional commercial landscape maintenance can bring life to the outside of your commercial property, and it also creates a warm welcome to those visiting. Investing in landscaping may even increase the value of your commercial property.

Even simple landscaping requires attention, time, and regular maintenance. Hiring a professional to maintain your commercial property landscaping can save you valuable time, and it ensures that your landscaping is receiving proper care to protect your investment. In addition, landscaping is expressive, and it can make a statement about your business.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services to Match Your Business:

  • Modern – unique structures and geometric designs 
  • Relaxing/Healing – quiet water features and rock gardens
  • Eco-friendly – local plants, sustainable plants, and solar features
  • Upbeat – brightly colored plants and fun water features

It is no secret that unique and professionally done commercial lawn care services will turn heads and increase the attention to your space and your business – it just might be the thing that gets someone to come through your door. Brite Solutions Nationwide can help bring your vision to life or help decipher the message you are looking to portray.


Brite Solutions is a one stop shop for all of your commercial care and landscaping maintenance needs. No matter what ground management service you need, all you have to do is make one phone call to Brite Solutions and let our commercial landscape company take care of the rest. We offer highly competitive rates using only vetted professionals local to your area.

Brite Solutions offers personalized maintenance plans customized to fit your budget. We can provide one time, monthly, quarterly, or yearly contracts based on your specific needs.

Regardless of how many services we provide, you will have a dedicated account manager to handle all of your maintenance requests day or night. Your account manager will work directly with you to review requests, contracts, insurance, and payments.

Brite Solutions eliminates the stress and headache out of billing by consolidating all invoices into one simple invoice. We manage your requests, the vendors, and the invoices so you can focus on growing your company and not maintenance issues.

By taking multiple bids from reputable commercial vendors, Brite Solutions provides our customers with competitive pricing based on their market.

We have responsive staff that will quickly handle all of your facility’s needs. We maintain a nationwide database of preferred vendors for all of your maintenance and management needs. We ensure quality services with constant involvement during every step of your project.

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