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Brite Solutions is a national maintenance management company that has been servicing customers since 2008.

We’ve worked with a variety of facilities ranging from department stores, office buildings, freight terminals, and many more. We at Brite Solutions are confident that no matter what type of facility you manage we can custom tailor a maintenance program that works best for you.


Brite Solutions Nationwide, Inc. disentangles all of the stresses that building owners and facility managers face by managing the upkeep of their facilities from start to finish and everything in between.



Our mission is to provide state of the art facility maintenance solutions. We enable our clients to achieve their goals through our experience in the industry, high standards in performance, and complete customer satisfaction.

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Brite Solutions Nationwide, Inc. is driven to become the leading service provider for facility maintenance management nationally.

— Joseph Yarger, President - Brite Solutions Nationwide, Inc.

Where We Started

Brite Solutions got its start as a janitorial cleaning company and has grown into a solution for streamlining all maintenance needs for our customers.

We currently service over two hundred and fifty facilities across the US. With the Help of our dedicated staff, we are able to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality service.

We strive to equip our vendors with the tools necessary to see their businesses grow. Over the years we have continued to expand as we honor the commitments we’ve made to support our customers and vendors.

What We Do For Our Customers

Think of us as a one stop shop for all of your maintenance needs. We take away the stress of managing the upkeep of your facilities from start to finish.

Whatever our customers need, whether it’s an office that needs cleaned or snow that needs to be removed from the parking lot, Brite can get it done.

We find local area vendors and tailor a personalized program that will cater to the specific needs of your facility.

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What We Do For Our Vendors

Plain and simple, consider us an advocate for your business. Brite Solutions works to equip each vendor with the tools they need to succeed.

Partnering with Brite gives our vendors the opportunity to grow their businesses by giving them opportunities to service a more diverse clientele.