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The Ultimate Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Businesses

Hvac maintenance

Every fall while we try to put off turning the heat on as long as possible, we understand that our customers, clients, and employees expect to walk into a warm workplace regardless of the temperature outside. 

If you’re ready to kick the heat on, it’s important that you run through this Fall HVAC maintenance checklist to make sure your HVAC system is performing properly. These tasks will help you save money on heating and cooling costs while also ensuring nothing gets broken or damaged during the Winter when you need your heat the most. 

Run through these Fall HVAC tips: 

Clear Drain Lines and Pans 

You don’t want to leave standing water around because it can attract mice and cause mold to develop. Check the drain lines, make sure there are no blockages, and empty your pans so you can start fresh. 

Change Filters 

If the same filters service both the heating and cooling system, this is possibly the most important HVAC Fall maintenance tip. Change the filters on your system and make sure to ask a professional how often they recommend changing the filters based on how much use they get. 

Clean Coils 

When grime builds up on your AC coils, it causes the whole system to lose performance which results in higher energy costs. It can also lead to corrosion on the coils which can cause damage and leaks. Keep in mind that it’s important that you know how to clean the coils properly, if you don’t it’s best that you hire a professional. 

Check Refrigerant 

Checking for leaks is one of the most important Fall HVAC maintenance tips. You want to make sure there are no refrigerant leaks and you can do this by checking your refrigerant charge. If it’s low, it means there’s a leak and you’ll want to tend to it as soon as possible. 

Check Belts and Pulleys

A worn or damaged belt can break when you go to fire it up after it’s been sitting for a while. It’s important to get these inspected if you don’t know how to do it yourself. 

Check Blowers and Motors 

The blower is a critical part of the heating system and if these fans are covered in dust or grime, it will cause the system as a whole to operate poorly. One of the smartest Fall HVAC maintenance steps is to get these blowers and motors checked, cleaned, and lubricated so they perform at maximum efficiency. 

Get Ducts Inspected 

After a Summer of use, moisture will accumulate in the ducts and this can lead to mold and spore growth. The blower will then push these spores out into the air that you breathe leading to respiratory problems. A healthy HVAC tip for Fall is to get these ducts inspected after the Summer months to ensure that they’re clean and free of moisture buildup. 

Why Fall is the Best Time for Air Duct Cleaning? 

Going through this Fall HVAC maintenance checklist at the end of Summer is the best time because it’s in between the two major seasons where your heating and cooling system is running the most. 

If you think it might be time to get your HVAC system serviced, request a quote today to get started! 

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