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4 Reasons to Perform Commercial AC Maintenance This Summer

An HVAC technician takes readings from a commercial AC unit.

Commercial air conditioning maintenance and repair is your best line of defense against sweltering summer heat and high energy costs.

It’s not groundbreaking to suggest preventative maintenance for an HVAC system. Building owners, facility managers, business leaders, and other decision-makers all recognize the value of climate control. But what may not be as commonly understood is how important it can be to service your system in the summer.

Let’s look at four reasons why you should prioritize commercial AC unit maintenance as this summer draws to a close.

1. Stay Prepared for Late Heatwaves and Warm Autumns

Preliminary Fall forecasts, like this report from the Farmer’s Almanac, indicate a cooler and wetter season than normal. However, those weather conditions aren’t expected to rear their heads until mid-to-late October. They may not become fully entrenched until November.

That leaves plenty of time for a late heatwave and warm temperatures to extend past the official end of Summer. Taking care of annual commercial air conditioning repair and maintenance now keeps your facility cool. Make staff and guests comfortable while protecting any delicate inventory and assets.

2. Reduce Energy Costs with Commercial AC Maintenance

Operating a heating and cooling system means spending on electricity. However, you can reduce energy costs by maintaining your system. 

The tail end of summer is still delivering plenty of hot days in most parts of the country. Conducting maintenance this season can help your company start saving on utility bills as soon as possible.

3. Preventative Maintenance Services Find and Stop Bigger Problems

When a professional HVAC technician services a commercial AC unit, they will also inspect it and identify potential problems. That by itself is an advantage, but it’s especially important to consider in the summertime.

Identifying a potential problem now means it can be addressed quickly. The alternative is letting that issue sit unrecognized, while potentially becoming worse or more difficult to fix, until next year.

Preventative maintenance comes at a cost. However, it’s necessary for AC units to operate at maximum efficiency and extend the life of your system. Along with saving money by fixing a minor issue before it turns into a catastrophe, it’s well worth the investment.

4. Ensure Cleaner Air Throughout a Facility with Commercial HVAC Service

Regularly changing air filters and inspecting HVAC systems for potential issues also supports high-quality, cleaner air. Staying cool and enjoying fresher air helps staff, customers, guests, and everyone else in a building.

A Partner for Commercial AC Maintenance and So Many Other Property and Facility Needs

At Brite Solutions, we pride ourselves on connecting our customers with a full suite of indoor and outdoor maintenance services. That includes AC maintenance and repair. We can do it all, so you can spend more time on the core needs of your business.
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