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How to Find the Best Janitorial Services for Your School

A mop and bucket rest on a school floor.

Janitorial services for schools help keep facilities clean. It’s a simple concept, but an incredibly important one.

With so many students and faculty circulating through schools and universities each day, a thorough plan for cleaning and disinfecting is vital. Keeping a school safe and healthy should be the top priority of a school janitorial service.

Maintaining a clean and orderly learning environment is important, too. Educational facilities are simply more pleasant to be in when they’re regularly cleaned and kept in good shape. A clean and healthy school helps teachers teach and learners learn.

How can you find the best school janitorial cleaning service? Consider these qualities as you start to seek out potential partners.

Past Experience as School Custodians

Your school isn’t the place for a janitorial service company to start building experience with this unique environment. It’s not fair to you, the students or the staff. Everyone in your school’s community deserves an experienced school janitorial company to take on this critical work.

Any school cleaning services that you interact with or request a quote from should be able to speak to their experience working in these unique, high-touch environments. Ideally, they can point out specific, satisfied clients or supply references from them.

The Right Equipment and Supplies for Cleaning Schools

Knowledge and experience are crucial to a successful relationship between your institution and a school janitorial service. But it’s not the only thing to consider.

The most experienced custodians can only do so much if they don’t have the right cleaning equipment and supplies. Think about it from your perspective: Could the best teacher in your school or district do their job just as well without textbooks and learning technology? They would still put in a great effort, but the answer is probably not.

Because schools can be large and have so many types of surfaces to clean, you can’t compromise in this area. Your school custodial service needs to have the tools and supplies required to completely clean and disinfect every area of your school.

The Ability to Follow a School Cleaning Schedule and Adapt as Needed

Every reputable janitorial service for schools knows it needs to have its custodians follow the schedule set as part of a contract. The truly great school custodial services will also make adjustments as needed, helping to keep your school clean and safe.

It’s definitely worth talking about flexibility with any potential cleaning partner. When special events occur, your school may need extra attention. A deep clean before a new school year starts might be in order. No matter the specific situation, a partner that can work with you and make reasonable changes is especially valuable.

Experienced, Equipped, and Flexible Janitorial Services for Your School

At Brite Solutions, we build lasting and positive relationships with our clients and our vendors, who provide services directly to you.

We strive for true value through high-quality service and fair pricing for everyone involved, not the rock-bottom lowest cost (and all of the issues that come along with it). By handling all types of maintenance management, we give you a single point of contact for any type of janitorial, construction, or general service your school may need.
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